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College Template

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Strategic Planning Unit

    • Analyzing the internal and external environment of the university to study the current situation and determine future perceptions of the university.
    • Building the vision and mission of the college and the strategic planning unit.
    • Determining the strategic goals of the college that lead to the achievement of its vision and goals.
    • Preparing the college’s strategic plans, following up on their implementation, and ensuring the achievement of its indicators for developing the education and scientific research process in line with the requirements of the times and the needs of society and the labor market.
    • Preparing the operational plan (action plan) to implement the college’s strategic plan.
    • Establishing a time frame for implementing the college’s strategic plan.
    • Reviewing and updating the college’s strategic plan according to developments in the university’s systems.
    • Work to publish the objectives and components of the strategic plan and define it using various methods (publications, books, brochures, workshops, lectures ... etc) at the level of the administrative and academic departments of the college.
    • Submitting proposals and consultations on the strategies and priorities of the university to improve the performance within the college administratively and academically.
    • Contributing to developing operational procedures for projects with all departments in the college while verifying the quality of implementation and efficiency of implementation in order to achieve the performance indicators demanded by the college.
    • Preparing opinion polls and survey studies to measure opinion trends in the college.
    • Building bridges of cooperation with regional and global strategic centers.
    • Coordination, especially with the Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit, in order to prepare and prepare for academic accreditation.