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Measurement and evaluation is considered one of the most important pillars in the processes of continuous development, improvement and quality assurance, which aim to improve the quality of the educational institution and improve its outputs. Therefore, in the interest of the university to develop academic performance, improve the educational process, and provide the necessary information for the university administration to implement the necessary development programs, and to achieve quality standards in all aspects of the educational process, the university has established a university measurement and evaluation unit, which will contribute to monitoring the reality of academic performance in faculties and departments, And university units, and analyze this reality in a scientific and realistic manner, and then provide the necessary information in the light of which appropriate decisions are taken. The Measurement and Evaluation Unit was established by Administrative Decision No. 35/052/146967 dated 06/24/1435/24/24/

The unit seeks to be a model in its inputs and procedures to achieve qualitative and distinguished performance in its outputs within the framework of the tasks and roles that fall under the umbrella of academic measurement and evaluation for students and decisions in study plans and related university programs, in line with the vision of the college and university based on excellence.

Activating educational measurement and evaluation roles based on clarity in vision, and developing practices based on procedural definitions for these roles, in accordance with a set of values ​​that govern the measurement and evaluation process in general and the university academic in particular, to achieve the requirements for improvement, development and decision-making based on reliable quantitative and qualitative data. .

Unit Goals:
The University Measurement and Evaluation Unit generally aims to measure and evaluate the academic performance of the academic departments of the college through the following objectives:
    1- Measuring university outputs in order to develop them.
    2- Draw plans, policies, and objectives for measurement and evaluation.
    3- Establishing standards for measurement and evaluation in the college.
    4- Spreading the culture of measurement and evaluation.
    5- Achieving the principle of transparency and clarity in academic practices.
    6- Diagnosing the reality of the educational process and discovering problems and deficiencies