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College Template

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Quality is a religious duty and demand for functional logo and development unit and quality at the University College of the face since it was established and in line with the objectives of the Agency for Development and Quality University aims to harness all efforts to support the organs of the administrative and academic and to obtain national accreditation institutional and academic.
The vision: 
      a methodology for comprehensive and continuous development based on a team effort in a team spirit in order to link education with the needs of society.
        Achieving comprehensive quality and excellence in educational, research, service and administrative outputs The
tasks of the Development and Quality Unit
    • Promoting and strengthening the culture of quality.
    • Work to raise the efficiency of the quality system in the college.
    • Following up on the college’s programs fulfilling the academic and institutional accreditation requirements.
    • Supervising the preparation, follow-up and implementation of the college’s development and operational plans.
    • Building an approved reference for accurate data and statistics for the college.
    • Studying the difficulties and problems facing the college’s development and quality programs, and proposing appropriate solutions to them.
    Determining the training needs of the faculty members in the scientific departments of the college, and coordinating with the competent authorities.
    • Proposing the necessary plans to develop the skills of the faculty members of the faculty.
    • Encouraging the participation of faculty members in the programs offered by the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development, the Development Agency and the University.
    • Communicating with the Deanship of Development and Quality, and developing skills in matters of quality and academic accreditation.
The sub-units that follow the Development and Quality Unit:
        the Academic and Institutional Accreditation and Quality Assurance 
        Committee, the Statistics and Data
        Committee, the Community Service and Training Committee
        Committee e - Education
         Committee of Scientific Research and Development