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Teaching Assistants and Lecturers Affairs Unit
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The tasks of Teaching Assistant and Lecturer Affairs Unit

1. Follow up on the implementation of the college's scholarship policy.
2. Receive, approve, and submit department decisions regarding scholarship applications.
3. Follow-up on all procedures related to exchange students' affairs and scholarships in the college.
4. Support teaching assistants and lecturers in applying for the scholarship and obtaining the necessary approvals.
5. Advise teaching assistants and lecturers in selecting universities and graduate programs inside and outside the kingdom.
6. Supervise and follow-up on the conditions of the teaching assistants and lecturers in the college in addition to the college's exchange -students abroad.
7. Create an electronic database for the college's exchange students.
8. Follow-up on the college's exchange students and customize a special file for each student.
9. Prepare and submit minutes and reports of the committee's meetings and accomplishments to the Vice Dean for Research for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research on a regular basis.