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Scientific Research Unit
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The tasks of Scientific Research Unit

1. Updating the research plan and following up on its implementation.
2. Follow-up of scientific research in the College of Pharmacy for faculty members and the students.
3.Coordination with the Deanship of Scientific Research at the university regarding scientific research in the college.
5. Preparing the bylaws, studies and regulations necessary to organize and develop scientific research in the college.
6. Supervising scientific activities, and developing the college's capabilities in the field of scientific research.
7. Follow up on department needs of researchers and faculty members in different disciplines.
8. Working on adapting the fields of scientific research to serve the community.
9. Coordination with the college administration regarding the recruitment of distinguished faculty members.
10. Work to achieve research partnership by providing research and advisory services for community institutions.
11. Strengthening cooperation with national, regional and global research centers by conducting research and sharing knowledge and experience.
12. Supervising research laboratories in the college and developing studies for their needs and fittings.