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Supervision Committee of Graduation Projects
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The tasks of the Supervision Committee of Graduation Projects

1. Coordinate and follow-up on students' research in the college, especially the graduation project for students of the Doctor of Pharmacy program in the college.
2. Encourage students to participate in scientific research by holding workshops, lectures, and other events that demonstrate the value of scientific research and encourage professors to involve students in their research.
3. Collect graduation project topics from faculty members and deliver them to students and follow up on the assigning of students to faculty members.
4. Advise students on various graduation projects and encouraging them to select topics that address society's issues.
5. Follow-up on all procedures of graduation projects in the college.
6. Create an electronic database of all graduation projects in the college and the published ones.
7. Prepare the necessary forms to evaluate students' research and supervise the evaluation of graduation projects.
8. Prepare and submit minutes and reports of the committee's meetings and accomplishment to the Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research on a regular basis.