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Students' Laboratories Unit
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The tasks of Student Laboratories Unit

1. Study and determine the needs of the college of scientific equipment, chemicals, and consumables received from the departments of the college.
2. Supervise and follow up on the preparation of the scientific departments necessary items' orders to operate the laboratories according to the approved samples.
3. Coordinate with the deanship of the college and the relevant authorities to supply the required items to operate the college laboratories in accordance with the applicable regulations.
4. Propose the formation of technical committees to examine the offers of companies received from the procurement department and review the forms of examination of the submissions before sending them to the relevant authorities
5. Inspect and receive all the equipment, glassware and chemicals supplied to the college and make sure that they conform to the required specifications before supplying them to the college departments and make sure that the checking and inspection forms and receipt forms are completed.
6. Supervise the college stores used in the storage of chemicals and consumables used in the operation of the college laboratories.
7. Supervise the application of quality and accreditation standards on the laboratories of the college.
8. Follow up on the application of safety procedures and measurements on students and research laboratories in the college
9. Conduct training workshops for faculty and students related to safety procedures and laboratory use.
10. Supervise regular maintenance and updating of laboratory equipment at the college.
11. Submit minutes for periodic meetings.
12. Consider topics submitted by the college vice dean to the unit and complete the relevant transactions.