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Programmes Unit
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The tasks of the Programs Unit

1. Determine the benchmarks that will be used in building and modifying study plans.
2. Preparing and implementing the necessary workshops to propose, develop and prepare new programs in the college.
3. Conducting survey studies on the extent of compatibility between the requirements of the labor market and the vision of the Kingdom 2030 and the various specializations and programs offered by the college.
4. Introducing the visions, missions and goals of the scientific programs in the college, and proposing amendments to the current vision, mission and goals, or building a new vision, mission and goals, according to the requirements of the university’s study plans guide.
5. Suggesting the arbitration bodies for study plans in coordination with the relevant departments.
6. Reviewing the current study plans and their outputs, and following up on their development and updating according to labor market requirements.
7. Considering the requests submitted to the unit to develop and update curricula by academic departments in a manner consistent with the powers matrix approved by the committee of plans and programs in the university.
8. Ensure that study plans comply with the standards of national accreditation and evaluation bodies and its approval of the procedures specified by the committee of plans and programs in the university.
9. Archive copies of study plans, programs and documents.
10. Studying the transactions referred by the Dean of the College to the Unit and expressing opinions on them and make the necessary recommendations thereon.
11. Preparing an annual report on all activities of the unit and submitting it to the dean of the college.