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Postgraduate Studies Unit
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The tasks of Postgraduate Studies Unit

1. Preparation and implementation of postgraduate programs (diploma, master's, doctorate, etc.).
2. Develop plans for postgraduate programs in line with the community’s need to bridge the deficit in distinguished specialists and researchers.
3. Developing and updating postgraduate programs in line with international standards and keeping pace with development and meet the needs of the community.
4. Develop the infrastructure, administrative and technical matters to enhance the quality of graduate programs.
5. Preparing admission requirements for postgraduate programs.
6. Supervising admission exams in postgraduate programs for new applicants.
7. Coordination with departments regarding postgraduate students' requests.
8. Presenting suggestions and recommendations that would raise the level of performance of graduate programs in the university.
9. Preparing an annual report on the unit's work and submitting it to the Dean of the College.