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Community Services Unit
College Template

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The tasks of the Community Service Unit

1. Coordinating between academic departments in the college to provide diverse services needed by the community.
2. Organizing meetings, seminars, scientific lectures, and training courses that contribute to community service.
3. Encouraging practical research that contributes to solving important issues and problems for the local community.
4. Developing the capacities of faculty members in the field of education and management.
5. Motivating faculty members on self-development.

6. Qualifying and preparing the new faculty members in coordination with the Deanship of Quality Development.
7. Coordinating with the relevant units in the university to achieve the common interest.
8. Establishing a central database that includes all the activities of the unit in the fields of community service, training of faculty members, preparing of the annual report on the work of the unit and submitting it to the vice dean for development and quality.
9. Drafting an annual operational plan for the community service unit and its training in coordination with the Strategic Planning Unit and submitting the plan to the deanship for approval and implementation.