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Academic affairs Unit
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The tasks of the Academic Affairs Unit

1. Organizing formative exams (mid and final exams), discussing the necessary procedural steps, scheduling exams and getting them approved by the vice dean.
2. Preparing formative exams' proctoring schedules, absence and attendance lists, cheating cases minutes (if any), studying the cases, taking necessary actions, and allocating students in the exam classrooms.
3. Filing all the unit’s work, such as the minutes, etc., and providing the dean of the college with copies.
4. Considering the topics submitted by the college dean to the unit and completing the relevant transactions.
5. Distributing students to academic advisors on the e-register system at the beginning of each academic year.
6. Providing assistance to male or female students if a conflict or a problem in the registration appears.
7. Careful follow-up of the student's scientific achievement in the subjects registered and review the reports submitted by the academic advising committees.
8. Organizing and conducting public lectures on academic achievement skills.
9. Receiving special instances of students including psychological and social issues, assessing and documenting those situations, and seeking to resolve them or referring them to the appropriate authorities outside the college, as per the system in place.
10. In the event of special instances, direct supervision and periodic evaluation of the academic counselling process in the college departments as required. (Pathological, psychological, social, and similar departments).
11. Filling all the work of the committee transcripts, and providing the vice dean of the college with copies.
12. Considering the topics submitted by the vice dean of the college to the committee and completing the relevant transactions.