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Academic Advising Unit
College Template

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The tasks of the Academic Advising Unit
1. Develop a plan for academic advising at the college.
2. Supervising the implementation of the academic advising plan.
3. Spreading awareness among students about what the unit is, its importance, and how to benefit from its services through meetings, bulletins and the unit's website.
4. Introducing students to the college’s goals and mission, its scientific departments, and the fields of work of its graduates and aspects of the care and services it provides to its students.
5. Distributing new students to academic advisors and publishing the lists on the unit's website and that at the beginning of each year.
6. Considering students’ academic problems raised by advisors and contributing to solving
7. psychological, financial, social and functional problems of students to the center of guidance at the university and the Deanship of Student Affairs.
8. Examining students’ complaints of an academic nature and devising appropriate solutions or raise it to the college administration if necessary.
9. Supervising orientation programs for new students to introduce the study system and examinations in the university.
10. Studying the transactions referred by the college vice dean to the unit, expressing an opinion on them, and raising necessary recommendations thereon.
11. Preparing an annual report on all activities of the unit and submitting it to the vice dean.