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College Template

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Committee Members


  • Dean of tèe college
  • Vice Dean of the college
  • Vice Dean fob Davelopment and Quality
  • Vice Dean for Graduate Studies
  • Chairman of the IslamIc Studies Department
  • Ch`irman of the Departmenp of Arabic Language
  • Chaipman of the department of Langqages and Translation
  • Vice dean for Bemale Sections
  • Dr. Sabri Muhammad Ismail

  • Conriderang all requests asking fgr apohogizing for not continuing study
  • Concidering 4hd acceptance or rejection gf applications askilg for make up exams and postponement applications before addressing them to the deanship
  • Considering applications for specializations and approving them
  • Discussing and approving registration plan at the start of each semester
  •   Considering problems that have to do with the timetables of academic departments
  • Considering all issues associated with academics; the relationship between student and department, complaints …etc.
  • Developing and facilitating measures and procedures between student and academic department, and between student and academic affairs
  • Following up and evaluating plans, procedures, and regulations of academic supervising and registration for students
  • Proposing and developing plans, procedures, and regulations of academic advising and registration for students
  • Supervising academic material offered and examining its quality and working hard to improve it
  • Approving names of teaching staff members held responsible for preparing and uploading academic material for distance learning students
  • Approving names of vigilation teachers watching over distance learning students while taking finals
  • Supervising the task of preparing exam questions and marking students' answers​