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The interest in and concern for continuous development, and the quality of all its operations, has become a matter that occupies a large area in the work of the Deanship of Development and Quality. Therefore, the Development Agency adopts the same ambitious step for the Deanship, in pursuit of advancement and progress, as its operations are carried out in accordance with the strategic plan of the university. As we can see, the role of development processes in the academic, institutional and administrative fields is increasing day by day to meet the requirements of the labor market. Therefore, the Development and Quality Agency at the Deanship of Development and Quality will dedicate its efforts to develop academic operations in the university’s faculties, centers and departments, and seek to transform the educational process into a new view that builds on the education that It is based on adapting the outputs to the requirements of life and the needs of the labor market. Also, this agency will focus heavily on following up the academic plans through continuous guidance to the scientific departments to implement them in a manner that meets the vision of Tabuk University, fulfills its mission, and goes along with its strategic plan.


               Vice Dean of Development and Quality for Development 

  • Tasks of the Vice Deanship for Development:

Spreading and enhancing awareness of the culture of development and continuous learning among all employees of the academic staff at the university.

Participate in preparing and implementing development plans and programs related to the university's general strategic plan.

Studying and determining the training needs in line with the university's vision, mission and goals in order to develop the annual plan for training at the university.

Determining the performance indicators of the implemented training programs and the extent of general satisfaction with these programs and their compatibility with the needs of the academic process at the university.

Establishing mechanisms to follow up and evaluate development processes, and work to overcome obstacles that may face during implementation.

Providing updated statistics, information and databases in all matters related to the activities of the Development Agency.

Developing a network of alliances and partnerships with local, regional and global expertise houses in the field of development and training work.

Supervising the implementation of the Deanship's digital transformation strategies.