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The Vice Deanship for Quality at the University of Tabuk is one of the basic pillars of the university's continuous development process at the institutional and academic level. In pursuit of this agency to obtain the university and its various programs for accreditation, it adopted the term (quality), which is one of the most important concepts that have gained great attention from the university president, the university’s vice president for development and quality, and the dean of the Deanship of Development and Quality. And an application to become a target for all employees of Tabuk University, including administrators, agents, deans, heads of departments and administrative units, faculty members and students.

                   Vice Dean of Quality Development and Quality

                            Dr.. Haya bint Obaid Al-Zaidi

  • Tasks of the Vice Deanship for Quality:
  • Spreading the culture of quality in cooperation with the Higher Accreditation Committees, academic units and support deanships in the university community and in the local environment.
  • Contribute to verifying the implementation of quality standards and academic accreditation.
  • Study the difficulties or problems facing the university's development and quality programs and propose solutions to them.
  • Supporting continuous improvement and academic accreditation plans to ensure the achievement of quality standards at the university.
  • Providing technical support in the areas of quality and accreditation for the academic units and support deanships at the university.
  • Verify that the academic units and supporting deanships use the models, guides and indicators of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment in quality assurance processes.
  • Enhancing the university's competitiveness among higher education institutions.
  • Contribute to setting the academic accreditation policy at the university.
  • Contribute to motivating and directing academic departments and colleges to apply for national and international accreditation.
  • Contribute to setting the university's academic accreditation policy.