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وحدة الاستبانات واستطلاع الراي

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  • Functions of the Survey and Opinion Survey Unit:
  • Providing a system that includes unified standards mechanisms in the evaluation processes to contribute to ensuring the quality of the university's various activities.
  • Facilitating internal and external comparison processes for different university bodies to contribute to improvement and development processes.
  • Allow participation in decision-making by stakeholders (faculty members)
  • Providing an accredited information base that contributes to the process of making decisions for the continuous development and improvement of the various activities of the university.
  • Establishing a culture of self-evaluation and identifying the strengths and points that need to be established for improvement and development plans.
  • Creating a system that guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of the target groups, increasing the response rate, and facilitating the presentation and sharing of results with decision makers.
  • Designing questionnaires for the human factor (faculty members).
  • Providing support and advice to the various university units regarding issues of quality and academic accreditation.
  • Follow-up procedures for matching the specifications of the educational program in the scientific departments with the requirements and standards of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and reference marks.
  • Continuous communication with stakeholders and beneficiaries, and seeking to know their opinions and advice on quality development strategies.