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وحدة ضمان الجودة

 Content Editor

Quality Assurance Unit

  • Functions of the Quality Assurance Unit
  • Following up the implementation of the mechanisms for establishing an internal quality assurance system in the Deanship, which includes academic and non-academic activities in all academic and administrative departments, and documenting them in the Deanship Council
  • Activating the internal calendar for the academic and non-academic activities of the various university bodies.
  • Follow-up of the academic activities at the university, which include setting academic standards, descriptions of programs and academic courses, reports of programs and academic courses, and ensuring that the educational outcomes achieve the mission of the faculties and thus achieve and harmonize the university's mission and its strategic goals. As well as adherence to the required forms and the time specified for them.
  • Follow-up and review of the faculties ’annual self-evaluation reports, their compliance with the required forms and the timeliness set for them.
  • Follow-up and development of student evaluation systems, and ensure that faculty members are educated and trained on new and modern evaluation methods (workshops).
  • Supporting and following up the management of the various colleges and departments in preparing for field visits and follow-up visits.
  • Setting an action plan for awareness campaigns related to disseminating a culture of quality and the changes and developments that have occurred in it; And that at the level of faculty members.
  • Following up on the different colleges and departments studying the training needs of faculty members; This is to develop their capabilities while developing a training work plan with specialists from inside or outside the university.
  • Following up on the nomination of external auditors for academic programs according to the approved standards, reviewing the reports it issues and the extent of the faculties ’response to them, and its reflection on the educational process.
  • Follow-up projects for quality assurance in colleges and sustainable development of performance at a high and certified level.