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وحدة المعلومات والتقارير

 Content Editor

  • Functions of the Information and Reporting Unit:
  •      Building statistical databases related to the Deanship and its various units, and updating them periodically.
  •     Preparing and sending the annual and quarterly internal reports and various statistics to the Deanship and the concerned authorities after their approval.
  •    Documenting the activities of the Deanship, its activities, and its developmental programs in coordination with the agencies and units of the Deanship, for use in preparing reports.
  •     Issuing an annual report of all the achievements, events and challenges facing the Deanship.
  •       Preparing a brochure in the Deanship in coordination with other units.
  •    Highlight and publish the most important achievements of the Deanship, in coordination with the Public Relations Unit at the Deanship.
  •      Providing the Vice Dean for Development and Quality with periodic reports and statistics on the unit’s activities and achievements.
  •      Carrying out other tasks assigned to it in the field of its competence.