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The manufacturing laboratory at the University of Tabuk is considered a center to support industrial innovations, practical creativity, entrepreneurship and training, by creating an appropriate environment for students and urging them to acquire various knowledge and skills in the scientific and technical fields and for entrepreneurs by providing expertise and advice to them and technical support in addition to providing devices and equipment for their use. In converting important ideas into prototypes, they are analyzed and evaluated to know their feasibility if they are converted into a product that can be used. In addition to providing workshops and training and qualification programs for students and those with ideas and initiatives to all members of society who wish to improve their knowledge and develop their skills. The manufacturing laboratory at the University of Tabuk is the first of its kind in the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the technical and scientific facade of the NEOM project and its support. The laboratory focuses most of its focus on finding solutions to the major challenges that target institutions and individuals alike. The laboratory also provides advanced methods in the manufacture and printing of three-dimensional models and programming the robot with human behavior and its use in several fields​