Mission of the university


 " Offering an outstanding learning at the university in order to have qualified graduates that are equipped with knowledge, abilities and skills to fulfill the community`s needs and development projects in Tabuk along with distinguished administrative learning environment that supports creative research."


A Declarative Statement of the University of Tabuk's Mission:

University Education: University of Tabuk offers university education through advanced and certified academic programs that include study plans, courses, university textbooks, and new teaching methodologies and assessment in a motivating educational environment to have qualified graduates with knowledge, abilities and skills in order to meet the needs of the society and local regional markets. 

Scientific Research: University of Tabuk supports research centers and the scientific, knowledge, and applied researchers that contribute to the development of the local community and build knowledge economy.

Community Service: Besides educational and research services that contribute to the community service, University of Tabuk seeks to establish strong fruitful relationships and partnerships with community individuals and organizations.


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