• PhD, English Literature, Indiana University, Boomington, USA

  • MA, English Literature, Indiana University, USA.

  • Hasan A. Al-Zubi

    A Tenured Professor of English



    Hasan A. Al-Zubi is professor of English, American, and Comparative Literature. He received his MA (1994), and PhD (1998) from the English Department at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA with distinction. He published around twenty articles on English, American and comparative Literature. He participated in several international conferences, and lectured in different international institutions. He served throughout his academic career as external reviewer, Chair and Dean (2005-2006) and (2010-2011)), Consultant, advisor, supervisor, Referee and editor in scientific refereed journals. His current research interests are symbolist art, Cyber fiction, as well as psychological and cultural studies. His last published paper was in Sept. 2019 on symbolist Art






    //Recent Publications//


     "The Symbolist Representation of Women at the Turn of the Century. European Journal of Research and Reflection in Arts and Humanities, (Vol. 7, No. 1, 2019).


    Zolaesque Naturalistic Shadows and European Discourses in James's Fiction: A Comparative Study. The International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (The IJHSS). Volume 5, issue 11. December 2017. pp. 362-367. USA. ISSN 2321-9203.

    Realistic Portrayal of Capitalism, Human Relations, and Cultural Change in James's Washington Square. The IJHSS. Volume 5, issue 12, 2017. pp. 4-10.USA. ISSN 2321-9203.


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