Dr. Nader Abou Dayya is an associate professor of organic pharmaceutical chemistry and is a pharmacist and organic chemist. He graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Zagazig University in 1999. After graduating, he was appointed as a teaching assistant in the Department of Organic Chemistry. He earned his master's degree in 2006, and his dissertation included synthesizing new derivatives of quinazoline anti-inflammatory and lowering blood pressure. He then traveled to the United States of America (Department of Chemistry, University of Florida) and joined the research group of the late professor. Alan Roy Katritzky, where he conducted intensive research in benzotriazole chemistry and published 10 papers during his doctoral work. In addition to teaching organic chemistry courses to pharmacy students, and advanced organic chemistry courses for master's and doctoral students, he is actively researching in the field of organic chemistry. His main research area is the development of new peptides, peptidomimetics, heterogeneous ring compounds to eliminate deadly bacterial infections, and to treat diabetes and its complications and neurodegenerative diseases.

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