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  • CCS 204
  • CCS201
  • CCS 303

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Course Description

Digital and Logic Circuits represent the heard of hardware of each computer and electronic digital System. Therefore, and in order to understand the internal functionality of computers, one should have a good idea about these components.


This course is intended to provide students with a good introduction to digital and logic circuit principles and design.

Course Contents

1.     Definitions.

2.     Number systems.

3.     Boolean algebra.

4.     Simplification of Boolean functions.

5.     Logic gates.

6.     Combinational logic circuits.

7.     Sequential logic circuits.


Textbooks and References

-        C. Kime & T. Kaminski, Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals, 2008 Pearson Education, Inc.

-        D. Harris & S. Harris, Digital design and computer architecture, 2007, ELSEVIER Inc.

-        M. Morris Mano, Digital logic and computer design, 2000, Prentice Hall.