Committee Tasks


Functions of the Committee   


1- Proposing the general policy of scholarship and training.

2- Providing a proposal of the annual plan for scholarship and training after coordinating with relevant authorities at the university.

3- Revising recommendations of scholarships and training from colleges and institutions; and coordinating between these recommendations and the yearly plan of scholarships. The following should be taken into consideration,

   a-Number of Saudi faculty members and their percentage of the total number of faculty members in the department, their specialties and their teaching duties.

   b-Number of lecturers and teaching assistants in the department.

   c-Number of scholarship students from the department, their specialties, and the expected time of their return.

4- Recommendations for granting scholarships to the university administrators and technicians in accordance with the approved plan of the university.

5- Recommendations of extension or termination of scholarships and training based on recommendations from councils of colleges and institutions or related authorities.

6- Recommendations of conducting training to the university employees.

7- Following up the status of scholarship students and trainees and coordinating with their scientific departments and affiliates. Submitting reports to University Councils about unsuccessful students after spending half of the scholarship time.  

8- Preparing a detailed annual report on the status of scholarships and training in all faculties, departments and administrations; submitting this report to the University Council.