The Scholarship Department implements the University's strategy concerning human resources development. This can be done through the planning and the implementation of scholarship programs that are based on studying the actual needs for qualified cadres and through the development of work policies and mechanisms within the Scholarship Department..


Vision of the Department of Scholarships


Graduating academic cadres who are qualified for distinguished professional and administrative performance


  • Seeking excellence in providing the best services to the scholarship students and in meeting all their needs

Objectives & Goals

 The main objective of scholarships and training

Article 1 of the Scholarship and Training Regulations for University teaching staff specifies the purpose of scholarships as follows:

 "Scholarships and training are having the aim of qualifying university staff academically and scientifically to obtain a degree or to develop, through training, their academic, administrative and technical skills as required by the University's interest"


Procedural Goals 


1- Providing the University with teaching staff who are having qualifications from international universities.

2. Achieving the University's development plan concerning scholarships.

3 - Meeting the quality standards required at the level of graduates studying abroad