Scholarship Department is one of the departments of the University Rectorship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research. The General Supervisor of the Scholarship Department follows directly the Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research. The Department is responsible for managing the affairs of Tabuk University students who are awarded scholarships to universities inside and outside the Kingdom.  

The Scholarship Department seeks to establish a link between Tabuk University and other international universities. Granting scholarships to the University teaching staff of instructors and lecturers and supporting them to obtain the expected degrees would enable those instructors and lecturers to get the necessary scientific and practical expertise that qualifies them to meet the required standards.

In addition, the Department is working hardly to maintain close liaison between each faculty and its scholarship students. In some cases administrative decisions are issued, when necessary, to extend the scholarship period or to change the specialization. The Department also grants permission to take sabbatical leaves or to attend conferences and training workshops.

Being essentially established for your help, Scholarship Department sincerely wishes all the scholarship students of Tabuk University all the best luck.

To overcome any difficulty during the period of scholarship, the Department hopes that scholarship students keep contact through the following emails,

Tel: 0144561440

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein Ajwah

General Supervisor of the Scholarship Department