Welcome message from The Director of the Scientific Publishing Department 


All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon His prophet Muhammad  ?, his household, companions, and those who followed in his footsteps in guidance till the Day of Judgment.

    University of Tabuk seeks to achieve excellence in education, research and the dissemination of scientific and intellectual production. It also strives to assume its role towards science, knowledge, and society through cultural and scientific communication and through translation which is considered one of the civilizational tributaries in the history of humanity.

     Out of the sincere desire of the Vice Rector for Post Graduate Studies and Scientific Research to develop scientific publication and translation, the Scientific Publishing Department was established with the approval of His Excellency the Rector. The Scientific Publishing Department seeks to achieve compatibility with the vision, mission and objectives of the university in the field of the dissemination of science, literature and humanities.

      On the website of the Department, you will find everything related to the requirements of scientific publication and translation. The department staff is happy to answer any query through the available means of communication. Information will be updated regularly.

We seek guidance from Allah


Director of Scientific Publishing Department

Ghidhayyan Meshehen Alwabssi