The Scientific Publishing Department was established by the Resolution of His Excellency the Rector No. 11724/052/35 dated 9/2 / 1435 AH at the request of His Excellency the Vice Rector of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

About the Department   

The Scientific Publishing Department is affiliated with the Vice Rectorship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research. It is an executive body of all that is related to scientific publications; translation; printing; marketing; and other administrative, financial and service functions. The Department is also responsible for the technical preparation of all publications recommended by the Standing Committee for Publication and approved by the Scientific Council; and for delivering these publications to the beneficiaries through the latest technologies of paper and electronic publishing.  Distribution channels of publications include gifts, sales, subscriptions, and local, Arab, and international exhibitions.

The Department is specialized in the publication of scientific and knowledge production in accordance with international standards for publishing, editing, documenting and printing. The Department disseminate publications that are approved by the Scientific Council. All publication work at the University is carried out through the Standing Committee for Scientific Publication and the Scientific Publishing Department.    

The Department's publications extend to include textbooks, references, translated books, literary books, dissertations (master's and doctoral dissertations) and others.

Headquarters of the Department:

Faculty of Medicine Building - University Vice Rectorship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

Entrance No. (2) / First Floor / Office No. 1-25-1-224