Consultation Researches Unit

Consultative research is considered part and parcel of the scientific tendency the world is witnessing nowadays. Consultative research has a significant role in the comprehensive development of the social sectors as well as its contribution to opening diverse fields for creativity and production. It is expected that the institute, through the university’s human and technical resources, will contribute to finding creative solutions for the university, provide opportunities for parties outside the university to conduct consultative research through university faculty members, and conduct studies that relevant parties need. This will contribute to offer scientific and applied studies solutions in medical, engineering, educational, social, economic, and administrative fields.

Services of the unit:

* Participating in setting and implementing the marketing and strategic plans of the Research and Consultancy Unit.

* Marketing the university’s capabilities, resources, and expertise of the faculty members for the private and public sectors.

* To be the liaison party between the stockholder and the supervisor of the consultative research.

* Updating the university faculty members’ information periodically.

Tasks of the unit:

* Supervising the outcomes of consultative research, and assessing the stockholder’s satisfaction level on the findings.

* Conducting studies and statistics related to consultative research.

* Initiating a database of the university faculty members, which includes their scientific and practical strengths and capabilities.

* Preparing periodic and annual reports on consultative research in coordination with consultative research supervisors.