Quality Centers Unit

The University has many scientific, research, and laboratories centers as well as quality centers. These centers either come under some faculties and deanships or they are independent administrations at the university. They offer examinations, studies, and training for male and female students. These centers are also specialized in conducting quality studies that are prepared by university faculty members and, sometimes, students. Thus, the institute transfers the services and resources of these centers to the private and public sectors through service request contracts on a commercial basis.

Services of the unit:

* Offering laboratory analysis for both private and public sectors.

* Developing the scientific and professional qualifications in the field of medical and engineering sciences through practical training in the quality centers.

Tasks of the Unit:

* Achieving the society partnership and contribute in providing laboratory analysis services

* Occupying the university facilities to support the projects in society and medical services sectors with paying the costs back to the university for the provided services.

* Contribution in developing the national laboratory services sector to serve the local economic.

* Cooperating with specialized local businesses to exploit the ability of quality centers.