House of Expertise Unit

The House of Expertise Unit includes houses of expertise that are established by a faculty member or a group of faculty members at the university in which they share the same or semi-specializations that complement one another. The House of Expertise Unit offers consultative, research and practical services or studies based on a commercial basis.

Services in the unit:

* Offering opportunity for university's members to engage their expertise in resolving community issues.

* Proposing consultative, research and training services or studies

Tasks of the Unit:

* Marketing houses of expertise for both the private and public sectors.

* Financial Supervision on houses of expertise contracts as well as closing final accounts for each house of expertise’s contract. Add to this, closing accounts of House of Expertise Unit.

* Supervising the outcomes of houses of expertise, and assessing the stakeholder’s satisfaction level on the findings.

* Initiating a database of the houses of expertise at the university and updating their information periodically.

* Contribution in developing the national laboratory services sector to serve the local economic.