Training Unit

Training Unit

Specialized training programs are tailored by the Training Unit, for the public and private staff and are supervised by a group of the university faculty members or by subject matter experts from outside the university. The faculty members or experts are to be contracted to prepare training kits and implement them according to the expectations and needs of the institute.

Services of the unit:

The unit offers selective specialised training programs that covered eight main subjects:

  • Business programs
  • Engineering programs
  • Education programs
  • Linguistic programs
  • Occupational Safety and Health programs
  • Laws programs
  • Information and technology system programs
  • Health and medical facilities programs


Tasks of the Unit:

  • Initiating and updating a database of the training experts inside and outside university in the eight main subjects.
  • Initiating and updating a database of the customers from both private and public sectors.
  • Prepare high standard specialized training kits.
  • Marketing for the specialized training courses to both private and public sectors.