Environmental studies and Assessments Unit

Environmental studies and Assessments Unit

The Unit of Environmental studies and Assessments (UESA) is specialised in preparing Environmental impact assessments (EIA) and consultations based on field and laboratory studies in addition to arrange periodic progress reports provide information on an overall environment according to environmental standards.

Services of Unit:

  1. Specialised laboratories service.

The unit includes specialised laboratories that equipped with the newest technology for environmental analysis (e.g. Air, soli, water, plants, food pollution) based on environmental standards supervised by expert and specialised professors and technicians. The laboratories divided into:

  1. Samples preparation laboratory
  2. Water and soil pollution laboratory
  3. Air pollution laboratory


  1. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) service.
  2. Environmental Consultations service.
  3. Environmental Analysis service.
  4. Environmental Training and workshops service.


Tasks of Unit:

  • Conducting Environmental research and studies.
  • Offering Environmental Consultations.
  • Cooperating with private and public sectors and create group research to observe air, water and soil pollution.
  • Cooperating with expert researchers on regional and international level.
  • Offering workshops and training programs in the field of environmental issues.