Tasks of the University General Secretariat

Tasks of the Secretariat

1- Sending letters to the authorities concerned at the University to inquire about the subjects to be presented to the University Council

2- Receiving the subjects to be presented to the Council after fulfilling all the requirements and ensuring compliance with the organizational regulations

3- Preparing descriptive memos to be presented to the Council according to the nature of each subject

4- Preparing meeting agendas

5- Inviting the members of the Council and notifying the parties concerned of the date of the meeting

6- In preparation for submission to the Minister of Education for approval, preparing minutes of meetings and ensuring that all the members have signed

7- Notification of decisions issued by the Council after being approved by the Minister of Education

8- Issuing financial dues of the members of the Council

9- Archiving and keeping records of all the subjects that were presented to the Council, and returning to them when needed

10- Preparing the Rector’s decisions that are issued upon delegation from the University Council