Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

Vice Dean’s Message

We look forward to establishing a leading and effective role in the field of graduate studies and scientific research. This role requires all Faculty of Science personnel (faculty members, technicians, and administrators) to work as a team in order to fly onward to the horizons of excellence and scientific creativity, which will, in turn, contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and community service.


Scientific research plays an essential and vital role in the development and renaissance of nations, it is considered the primary locomotive of development and progress in any country. The Faculty of Science is a leading center for scientific generations, to disseminate and apply knowledge in the fields of theoretical and applied sciences. Every minute and every hour our changing world is witnessing scientific achievements and the registration of many scientific innovations and inventions, in pursuit of progress, development, and advancement.

In this context, the Vice Deanship of Postgraduation and Scientific Research at the Faculty of Science is interested in making policies and preparing plans/programs in light of future changes, in addition to providing all the necessary research requirements for the college's students and faculty in order to realize the hope of achieving a distinguished educational level and appropriate research for the College, and thus compete with the most prestigious universities in developed countries.

Organization chart