Vice Dean for Development and Quality

Vice Dean Message

Since its inception,The Development and Quality Agency has taken the initiative to promote and disseminate quality culture at the college level and establish a culture of quality among faculty, students and staff, and apply the foundations in the development of programs, and develop the faculties of human and material to reach high quality in performance and quality assurance in general. During this period, the college graduate must be at the highest ll of education and thus play its role in supporting the vision, mission and goals of the university and achieve global leadership and excellence in building a knowledge society


The Development and Quality Agency of the Faculty of Science was established in 1434H, with the aim of harnessing technical and technical efforts to support the administrative and academic bodies of the faculty to achieve quality assurance processes and procedures and national and international academic accreditation processes within the faculty and to coordinate and follow up improvement plans including spreading quality culture.

The Agency will work very hard to apply the highest standards of quality within the framework of its strategic plan adapted from the strategic plan of the University, which drew for itself a future map that puts it on the path of national, regional and global competition, God willing

The Agency for Development and Quality, which seeks excellence and quality by adhering to the quality standards of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and provide all that is useful to our dear visitors in the framework of spreading the culture of quality.

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