Gesture Club

About the club

Exploring students' skills, developing their abilities and participating in university activities is one of the priorities of the college because of its effective impact in motivating them and building their personality in the future.We suggest the establishment of a voluntary student club for students of the Faculty of Science at the University of Tabuk to arrange and organize student activities.

The name "Badira" was chosen to be a representative name for the college club because of its specialized significance to all the environmental sciences that are radically linked to the Faculty of Science. In addition, the term "Badira" in Arabic is called the first stage of plants after they break from the seed and start growing on the surface of the earth. Here at the Faculty of Science, we prepare the student for a bright future by focusing on the development of his talents and abilities to be an effective, productive and contributing member of society after graduation.

Vision and Mission


Provide distinguished and effective activities to serve the student and the community.


To invest the energies of students and share their hobbies and develop their skills.

Objectives of club


1- Establishing all kinds of different activities and events that highlight the efforts of students in the areas in which they are distinguished.

2. Discovering student talent and caring for the talented.

3 - Create an appropriate environment for students to develop their abilities and skills and exchange experiences among them and work to encourage them, support and honor.

4- Participate in various events internally and externally for friction and exchange of experiences.

5 - Documentation of student production and the establishment of a database of student talent in various fields.

6. Create an effective and attractive student environment in terms of services and events available to students.

7 - work to strengthen communication between students.

Activities and events

1. The club organizes all activities of the college.

2- The club focuses its activities on the field of the various disciplines of the college in addition to the establishment of various public programs, including: cultural programs (seminars, lectures, meetings, competitions), social programs (long and short trips, visits, workshops), vocational and training programs (training and rehabilitation courses) In the field of specialization of the club), sports programs, supervision of the college exhibitions.

Members of Gesture Club (Male Section)

Members of Gesture Club (Female Section)