Dean message


Praise be to Allaah.

On behalf of all faculty and staff, I am pleased and honored to welcome visitors to the Faculty of Science website.

There is no doubt that science is the fundamental indicator of the development and ascent of societies, and therefore, the Faculty of Science at the University of Tabuk, in order to serve the community, it is keen to provide a distinct quality of graduates with high levels of knowledge by acquiring solid and coherent academic curricula which qualify them for labor market or for postgraduate studies in basic sciences.

As this can only be achieved through modern scientific outputs and courses that keep pace with the rapid and consecutive developments in science, the Faculty of Science includes a selection of qualified faculty members with high levels of academic and practical skills in addition to scientific experience allowing the achievement of these goals.

Furthermore, and in order to achieve the objectives and visions of the University of Tabuk in education and scientific research, the faculty has produced many scientific outcomes, represented in many scientific researches published locally and internationally, some of which dealt with many scientific topics directly related to Tabuk region and the local community.

The Faculty of Science is eager to provide community services, thus it has endeavored to emphasize the importance of modern scientific knowledge and its role in serving the various segments of society, as a contribution to the performance of the mission carried out through the University of Tabuk.


Dean of the Faculty of Science