College Agency

Vice Dean Message

I am pleased and honored to welcome you to the website of the College of Science Agency, which seeks to be one of the important means of definition and effective communication agency. We also hope that it will be one of the effective means to support the role of the Agency in the development system that the College aspires to achieve within its vision and future plans.

The achievements of the Faculty of Science at all levels of academic, research and services and student activities would not have been achieved without the grace of ALLAH Almighty and then under the patronage of His Excellency Dean and senior management at the University.

The University Vice-Presidency, within its responsibilities and powers, strives to advance the progress of administrative development and career development at the college and the founder to achieve what it deserves of distinctive administrative development and a vision compatible with the requirements of the current stage and the future stage and the achievements of the university through the guidance and visions of the future university.

Dr. Meshari Mohamed Aljohani


Develop students at the Faculty of Science and raise their efficiency in the various programs of the College, and work to develop new programs for graduate studies in all departments.
Develop faculty members and raise their competence, attract more expertise and send outstanding students to obtain a master's and doctoral degrees.
Increase the effectiveness of the means of improvement and qualitative development in the faculty, through the holding of seminars, specialized scientific conferences, scientific seminars and feedback from students on faculty members.

Organization Chart