Vice Deanship for Girls' Campus

Vice Dean message

The Faculty of Science includes a distinguished elite of academics, administrative and technicians that are striving to achieve academic leadership through development and excellence in education and scientific research and contribute to community service. All of that are planned to be in consistent with the vision and mission of the University of Tabuk and its main objectives.

We are looking for raising the Faculty of Science to be at the level of prestigious of international Schools of Science, and to be one of the leading Science Schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Dr. Basmah M. Alharbi

About the Faculty of Science – Girls’ Campus

The Faculty of Science, which was established in 1427 H, is one of the first scientific faculties at the University of Tabuk. The Faculty was started with four departments including mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology in Girls' campus, and following that, the department of biochemistry and statistics were established. The Faculty awards a bachelor’s degree in science and contribute in the graduation of specialized citizens with high proficiency. In the academic year 1431/1432 H, a Master of Science program in mathematics was established.

The Faculty is exerting great efforts to keep pace with the country's comprehensive renaissance in various fields, that is happen in line with the scientific and technical developments in applied and basic sciences. The Agency in Girls' campus is responsible for supervising the progress of the educational processes and managing of administrative affairs in its various units.

Organization Chart