Nano Research Unit

About the Unit

Nanotechnology has proven its ability to boost major areas of economic importance such as industry, medicine, and energy. It brings several benefits: light weight, stability, and improvement in all physical and chemical functions of involved materials. In light of this, our Faculty of Science has initiated the establishment of a research unit specialized in nano materials aimed at devising scientific and practical solutions to the problems that hinder society and its institutions.

Vision and Mission


Leadership in community service through specialized scientific research in nanotechnology.


Conduct and develop applied research in the field of nanotechnology and build effective partnerships with various universities and scientific institutions to support scientific research and community service.

Unit Objectives

1-Equipping the Nanotechnology Research Unit with all modern scientific devices and developing them to help achieve the vision and mission of the unit.

2-Training distinguished researchers and students to transfer expertise and build a cadre of talented Saudi scientists at the University of Tabuk

3-Harnessing various nanotechnology applications to take advantage of the resources of the surrounding environment, and find solutions to current 4-problems and obstacles.

5-Ability to produce essential nanomaterials in life applications, high quality, safe and low cost.

6-Partnership and cooperation with research units in the university in support of nanotechnology research in various fields of application.

7-Developing distinct academic and research programs at the University of Tabuk.

Research area

  1. Nanomaterials for renewable energy storage solutions
  2. Preparation of nanomaterials using environmentally friendly methods for specific water purification purposes.
  3. Nanomaterials synthesis for solar and fuel cells applications.
  4. Applications of nanotechnology in optical fibers communication.
  5. Nanotechnology for smart sensors applications.
  6. Design of photovoltaic modules to suit local environments.
  7. Use of new mathematical and physical models in the development of computational physical knowledge for intended applications.


Unit Laboratories

Condensed Matter Laboratory

Renewable Energy Laboratory

Computational Physics Laboratory




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