Vision, Mission and Objectives Faculty of Pharmacy


A distinguished faculty which excels in research, education, and community service



To offer a distinguished pharmaceutical education to prepare university graduates with the knowledge, capabilities and research skills needed to serve the community.


1. Supply of human cadres of community pharmacists who obtained the degree of Pharm. D at a high level of efficiency, who are able to practice the profession of pharmacy in the various aspects of both governmental and private hospitals, pharmacies and public companies of various drug stores.
2. Prepare and qualify graduates to have full awareness of the basic rules of the start of treatment and continuity, change or stop it with a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of Pharmacokinetics enough to improve the treatment plan for each condition.
3. Upgrading graduates to interact efficiently with the medical team and the patient in different working conditions.
4. Developing of the sense of creativity of the graduate in search for drug information and interpretation, using the pharmacy and medical science and its applications to various pathological conditions.
5. Supplying pharmaceutical factories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with qualified trainers in the area of the pharmaceutical industry.
6. Participate in community service in cooperation with the relevant authorities in the areas of Drug Control to reduce the misuse of drugs and detection of toxins, processing and exchange of scientific information.
7. Conduct research and scientific studies concerned with the development and discovery of cosmetics and pharmaceutical compounds with a focus on the exploitation of local natural resources.
8. Provide scientific and cultural programs and contribute to the organization and holding of seminars, courses and conferences in various Pharmaceutical Sciences.
9. Contribution in the field of scientific publishing and outreach damage and complications resulting from the indiscriminate use of medicines and drugs through different versions.