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تقدم منسوبو ومنسوبات كلية الصيدلة بجامعة تبوك وخصوصاً قسم علم الأدوية والسموم

Last Circulars

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tabuk organised an event concerning the pregnancy and Drug Safety



After the approval of King of Saudi Arabia, Chairman of the Council of Higher Education, God preserves them at its (seventy-first) session, held on 14/11/1433 H, under the guidance of the Quran No. 7385 and dated 26/2/1434 AH approved the establishing of faculty of Pharmacy at University of Tabuk

Report on the event of the "graduation project"


Students at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Tabuk University, under the title "Graduation Project", organized students presenting a special presentation

Students of Faculty of Pharmacy won the Eighth runner prize in DUPHAT conference


Mashary Ali Saeed Alghamdy, the fifth year student of Faculty of Pharmacy, won the eighth runner prize in the DUPHAT conference