Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the prophet and the seal of Messengers, the Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.

The current astonishing health and scientific renaissance experienced by our Kingdom under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, has contributed to the establishment of several prominent universities and medical and  scientific faculties, including the Faculty of Pharmacy at Tabuk University. The Faculty of Pharmacy at Tabuk has become one of the distinguished series of the pharmacy colleges in Saudi Arabia.

The mission, vision, goals and values ??of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Tabuk University originate from the strategic vision, mission, ??and values ??of the University. The most important of which is the preparation of Pharm D graduates to contribute to the development of improved health services and high quality pharmaceutical industries in our beloved Kingdom.

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Tabuk University (a prestigious scientific institution), strives to keep pace with other highly ranked pharmacy colleges in the national and international universities, in harmony with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. This will be attained by the preparation of pharmacists armed with good morals, high discipline and training in accordance with the best scientific and international standards through  providing high quality curricula, qualified teaching staff and scientific and health facilities in order to seek national and international academic accreditation.

This interest comes to help the graduates to fulfill their mission with competence, skill and efficiency.  We are aware that the profession of pharmacy is no longer limited to the traditional role of dispensing and marketing of medicines, but rather extends to collaborative participation with doctors in the development of appropriate therapeutic plans and protocols for patients asserted by continued follow up to prevent potential drug interactions for the success of the therapeutic management. The graduates shall also be competent in providing  necessary pharmaceutical counseling, with the  focus on the rational use of the drugs and the promotion of health awareness among the members of society, together with conducting pharmaceutical research to improve the quality of public health and serve the community.

In conclusion, I am glad to welcome male and female students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Tabuk University. I congratulate all of them on joining this prestigious scientific institution. The Faculty of Pharmacy represented by the administrative board, staff members and all employees are exerting utmost efforts to provide a rich scientific environment for the students to achieve their goals and desired expectations with Allah’s willing.

May Allah guide us all to what he loves and wants.


The Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy


Dr. Alaa  Abdullah Saleh Bagalagel