Vice Deanship Tasks

1- Secretariat of the faculty Council and the subsequent coordination of meetings and presentation of topics and oversee the follow-up implementation of its recommendations

2. Conceptualizing plans and programs to develop academic and administrative performance in the faculty

3. Supervising the academic affairs units

4. Supervising the implementation of regulations and executive rules of the studies and exams for academic year.

5.  Supervising the course of study and lectures at the faculty, whether taught by faculty members or by other faculties.

6. Supervise the distribution of teaching loads on faculty members in the faculty

7. Direct supervision of the progress of final exams in all faculty departments in coordination with the academic departments and the Deanship of Admission and Registration, and submit a periodic report to the Vice President for Academic Affairs on the progress of those exams.

8. Supervising the distribution of students to various academic departments

9. Supervise the application of rules for new students' admission and for the students transfer to or from the faculty and between the various academic departments.

10. Supervise the processes of deletion and addition of courses for students in the college

11.  Supervise applications for postponement and apology to students for studying at the faculty.

12. Direct supervision of the process of academic guidance for students at the faculty.

13. Supervising the preparation of deprivation lists and graduates' lists in the faculty

14. Coordinate with the different faculty units in related fields

15. Follow-up to update the faculty website with regard to the agency and its administrative units

16. Supervise the meetings of faculty members and students individually to consider their needs and problems facing them and listen to their proposals at least once each semester

17. Search for resources for the faculty and raise any perception that serves this direction to achieve the desired goals and improve the scientific and educational aspects

18. Identify the needs of the different departments of technical and administrative functions

19. Identify the needs of the different departments of specialized laboratories

20. Coordinate and facilitate the administrative tasks in the faculty departments

21. Supervise the financial affairs and students activity in the faculty in accordance with the rules and regulations

22. Supervise students' complaints in coordination with the heads of department

23. Submit periodic reports to the Dean on the work progress of different vice-dean units and the difficulties they confront with suggestions to overcome them.

24. Participate in the preparation of the faculty strategic plan.

25.  Participate in the needs plan preparation of faculty members, administrators and technicians

26. Perform any work assigned by the Dean of the faculty.