The Quality and Accreditation Unit


Unit Name: The Quality and Accreditation Unit

Brief overview of the unit


    The Quality and Accreditation Unit mainly has two  dimensions:  strategic planning and academic accreditation. It focuses on the issue of ELC development through achieving quality Assurance, preparing ELC Strategic plan and academic accreditation.

Responsibilities / duties  


    The key  responsibilities and duties of this unit are: ELC strategic plan processing, compilation and diffusion and to ensure that it suits Tabuk University Strategic plan and the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. Also, following up the procedures  and processes aimed at ensuring quality and accreditation in ELC. In addition to administrative tasks like  communication and coordination with responsible bodies such as the Office of ELC Director, University Deanship of Development and Quality Assurance and national and international commissions of accreditation for achieving the Unit’s  promising goals.   



       The Key Objectives of The Quality and Accreditation Unit are as follow:


  1. Development of English Language Center (ELC) at Tabuk University.
  2. Continuous improvement of ELC performance to develop English language of Tabuk university community and Tabuk region as general.  
  3. Ensuring quality ,excellence  and academic accreditation in ELC, for realizing ELC’s vision “ Excellence in English language & its Teaching”.
  4. Coordination with other ELC units to reinforce the role of ELC toward the local community and diffusion of positive values.
  5. Development of Tabuk University via contributing with other units of Quality and Development at Tabuk University for preparation of studies aiming at developing university education and solving the threats facing the university.