Human Resources Unit


Unit Name: Human Resources Unit

Brief overview of the unit

The Human Resources Unit ensures that ELC faculty and staff enjoy an enhanced professional experience and best job satisfaction. In particular, it ensures that ELC faculty and staff are able to carry out their duties, without being concerned about human resources issues. Recruiting and retaining the best faculty is essential to achieving ELC aims and objectives. The ELC's most valuable assets are the talent, expertise, and resources of its work force.

Responsibilities / duties  

  • Liaise with the ELC management and the university administration on human resources issues.
  • Assist ELC faculty with any human resources issues, if requested by them.
  • Recruit ELC and English language teaching faculty, as instructed by ELC management.
  • Receive new faculty and provide them with their job orientation
  • Assist the ELC’s Professional Development Unit in the evaluation of ELC English language teachers.
  • Keep ELC faculty informed of HR news and procedures.
  • Attend meetings with ELC management and the supervisors of other ELC units.
  • Prepare complete faculty data required for office use.
  • Provide faculty with official forms required for travel requests, leave applications, flight tickets, children’s education fees reimbursement, or office equipment
  • Process leaves applications, air ticket forms and exit-re-entry applications of faculty.
  • Observe duty hours of the ELC faculty.


  • To recruit qualified faculty to fill in key positions in the ELC.
  • To retain talented faculty who add value to the ELC.
  • To attract, support and engage a talented, productive, and diverse workforce.
  • To support competitive compensation practices and benefit programs to facilitate the recruitment and retention of faculty at the ELC.
  • To facilitate and support leadership and professional development of ELC faculty
  • To identify and meet the training needs of the faculty.
  • To create an environment where ELC staff and faculty are enthusiastic about their jobs all the time
  • To handle faculty concerns with care.
  • To provide well-equipped offices and classrooms to all faculty.