Follow-up Unit


Unit Name:  Academic  and  Administrative  Follow – up Unit

Brief overview of the unit

     The academic and administrative follow up unit has been established in order to ensure that all proposed projects and resources are aligned with the strategic objectives of the ELC, and all academic and administrative projects are successfully delivered.



  1. Successfully deliver projects
  2. Unify the management of monitoring and coaching of project execution through development of a standard project methodology, processes, tools and templates, auditing to ensure project compliance to ensure successful execution
  3. Foster  continuous improvement  of all academic and administrative work
  4. Ensuring sustainability of project outcomes



• Make annual and future plans concerning the center's activities.
• Draw and supervise the training plan's execution.
• Open channels of communication and coordination with the other units.
• Develop appropriate follow-up and executing plans.
• Assessing, testing and evaluating the offered services to ensure the quality and the effectiveness and the reason behind the service failures, if any.