Dean's Message

Since its establishment, the English Language Center (ELC) at Tabuk University has been sparing no effort in supporting and participating in the development of the learning system process at the university in general, and its educational programs in particular. The ELC is keen to guarantee quality, educational excellence,  and a distinct society  in order to produce a high quality learning out comes and notable experiences that fulfill the community. ELC strives to contribute to the national wide endeavors to build a strong and a developed country whose people maintain their identity and feel proud of their educational and valuable culture.

In the present decade of this century, the world is witnessing a qualitative and quantitative change in the educational methods and learning strategies. Education and learning have shifted from the traditional way to the interactive one by involving the student in discussions, thus, making the main factor in the educational process.

The ELC has adopted this method, believing in the role of Tabuk University in building and serving the community through empowering the students. Our nation’s real wealth is its students, who represent the minds of the future that build and develop our beloved country.

Within this frame of mind and conviction, and  through its administrations and highly experienced staff, the ELC works hard on achieving the university of Tabuk’s strategic plan, by providing excellent educational services. Such services reflect the ELC vision, values and message to provide a distinguished academic vision that adopts the most modern academic and educational technologies  which cope with the “2030 Vision” of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We ask Allah His blessings and success

ELC director

Dr. Abdelrahman Bin Muhammad Alfahadi