Assessment Unit


Unit Name: The Assessment Unit

Brief overview of the unit

The assessment unit aims to ensure that quality assessment is provided to students in an efficient and secure manner. The duties of the Assessment Unit involve the preparation, scheduling, administration, and supervision of tests. Likewise, marking and management of the entire testing process falls under the jurisdiction of the Assessment Unit. The Assessment Unit seeks to incorporate both formative (i.e. continuous) and summative assessment methods in order to appropriately measure student progress

Responsibilities / duties  

  • To establish a sound and clear assessment system (formative & summative) for all ELC academic programs (i.e., regular, external, and e-learning).
  • To make sure that the ELC testing system (formative & summative) reflects the learning outcomes, objectives and aims of the ELC curricula.
  • To ensure the production of high quality (valid, reliable, and accurate) tests for ELC programs.
  • To supervise the design, administration, and grading of ELC tests.
  • To maintain the security and confidentiality of ELC tests.
  • To develop a semester by semester plan for all ELC tests (formative & summative)
  • To establish a question bank for ELC curriculum.
  • To adhere to the instructions and plans set by the ELC management.
  • To develop job description of the members of the assessment unit and get it approved by ELC Director.
  • To ensure that all the unit's staff / members work in harmony.
  • To coordinate and work in harmony with other ELC units/ committees regarding the overall educational process at the ELC.
  • To supervise the corner of the assessment unit on the ELC website.
  • To adhere to the overall ELC and Tabuk University's regulations.








  • To establish a high quality examination and assessment system and having a continual focus on quality assurance and performance excellence.
  • To evaluate the validity and reliability of tests so as to make the necessary improvements.
  • To underpin equity and fairness within the testing system in order to enable all candidates to display their achievements.
  • To boost the examination system to the optimum level to get better, speedy and reliable results.
  • To align the level of exams with common international exam standards.
  • To improve the assessment policies to make them flexible enough to adopt the changing environment on continuous basis.
  • To ensure students’ academic performance through investigating the positive backwash of tests and resolve their problems related to the exams.